Thursday, 12 January 2017

Getting the needle!

It's official!
I've got something new,
Yet another disease,
I'm feeling quite blue!

It's called Pernicious Anaemia,
A vitamin I lack,
And there's only one way,
To get it put back.

It involves jabs,
For the rest of my life.
I'm trying to get a grip,
But it cuts like a knife!

Without the jabs,
I will slowly die,
But I want to feel better,
I sigh, I want to cry!

My first injection,
The pink in the syringe,
In it goes,
It stings and I cringe.

Hours later,
I feel rather odd!
My brain is wired,
But my body is still tired.

I few injections later,
I'm feeling much brighter,
Maybe it's working,
I'm feeling much lighter!

Yes, my body is better,
Much less pain,
I'm happier,
A much clearer brain.

So when my next jab is due,
I'll take it with glee,
Because I'm happy to say,
I'm feeling more like ME!

1 comment:

  1. A wonderful poem! I'm also on injections for life as a fellow pernicious anaemia sufferer. The problem with the UK NHS is the strict adherence to jabs every 3 months when you need them more often (and other countries do them more often or allow you to self-inject). Unfortunately I don't really notice the benefit of mine due to other undiagnosed issues, but I certainly notice the lack of it in month 3 when I'm dragging myself around... Caz x